Tracking in my Bullet Journal


Anyone who knows me, knows that I’m big on tracking. I love being able to have a visual, tangible way to see my progress. So I can always look back and see how far I’ve come. My bullet journal provides the perfect platform to do this. Generally, I try to keep all of my tracking at the start of each monthly set up.

Currently, this is the monthly spread that I’m using. I was heavily inspired by Kara from Boho Berry (can you tell?). This allows me to easily differentiate between my personal appointments/tasks and my business appointments. I like that I can also write down my monthly goals & notes, and refer back to it throughout the month to see if I’m on track.


Below was a spread that I was using in July. On the left hand page I tracked my time. This way I could see at a glance where I spent my time throughout the month. This lets me see whether or not I’m using my time effectively towards reaching my goals. We got married on July 16, and then left on our honeymoon for two weeks, which is why the rest of the month had not yet been filled out.

The right hand side shows my savings & debt tracker. This gives me a visual representation on the progress I’m making towards my savings goals. It includes things such as our 3 month emergency account, monthly business cash-flow, credit loan pay off, etc. I like to redo this quarterly, so that as I look back throughout the year, I can see my progress quarter to quarter.


Next, I have my health & fitness tracking, and then my regular tracking. Below, on the left hand page is where I track my daily steps, weight, calories and workouts. I have a very sedentary lifestyle, due to a packed schedule and desk job. It’s always a struggle for me to try to get anything more than 5,000 steps a day. This is something I’m trying to improve by incorporating exercise into my morning routines. My weight I record daily, although I try to focus more on how I’m feeling day-to-day, and take note of the average weight for that week. As your weight will fluctuate daily due to many different things. I track how many calories I’ve taken in, and whether I was over or under my goal for that day. This helps me pick up any patterns in what I’m eating, if I tend to overeat on certain days, etc. Lastly I record my workouts, specifically how many calories I’ve burned. This helps me stay motivated, and accountable. Looking at this daily reminds me to work out, and if I’m on a streak, I really start to feel pumped!

On the right hand page, I track other daily habits. These can change month to month, depending on what is working for me at that time. That’s what I love about the bullet journal system. I can customize it day-to-day and month-to-month to suit my lifestyle. Next month I plan to track my Miracle Morning Routine (S.A.V.E.R.S).

For now, I’m tracking:

  • Wake Up Time – I struggle to be a morning person, so for right now I want to make a habit of waking up at 6:00AM each morning

  • Exercise/Walk – Like I said, I have a very sedentary lifestyle, so I want to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine

  • Visualize – Visualization is an important aspect in helping you stay focused and on track to achieve your goals and dreams. A lot of successful people talk about this, and it’s definitely something I could be more consistent at

  • 100oz of Water – For my weight and height, I need more than just 8 glasses of water a day. I actually need closer to 100oz a day.

  • Convo – This one might sound weird, but I try to make a habit around having an intentional or meaningful conversation daily. I used to be a very shy and introverted person. This habit helps me grow my people skills, and my self-confidence

  • No Spend – This one is fairly self-explanatory. Each day I don’t spend money, both my budget and my bank account feel better

  • Journal – Keeping a journal is something I’ve always found beneficial, it helps provide me with insight and perspective while on my personal growth journey. I used to journal everyday for over a year, but in recent years this has fallen to the way-side. I’ve made it a goal to build this back in as a daily habit.


One thing I used to do was track on my dailies what I had done for exercise that day. I would then highlight it a bright color, so that when I went back and flipped through the pages, I could see in detail what I had done that day. It was another thing that helped me stay consistent and motivated. This was especially great when I was biking to and from work all last summer. It was an 8KM bike ride each way. We’ve moved since then, but it’s still about 5.7KM each way, and I might go back to biking to/from work and tracking it. If I do, I’ll be sure to include it in my next post 🙂

So, I’d love to know – what do you like to track in your bullet journal? Do you track your workouts? Health & fitness goals? What tracking systems work for you?


– Val

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