Bullet Journal Flip Through

As August comes to an end, I am almost finished in my Bullet Journal. Before I archived this one, and started in a new BuJo, I thought I’d give you a brief flip through of this one. I’ll talk about what I loved, what I messed up on, what worked for me, and what I’m likely not going to do again.

First – 2016 Year at a Glance

Year at a Glance.JPG

I loved this page, both for its functionality, and the way it looked. I frequently referred back to this page to see at a glance when we had Stat Holidays, Vacations, Business Trips, etc. This is definitely something I will keep in my next BuJo.

 Second – The Calendex 

This idea was awesome, and more or less has the same functionality as the year at a glance…just with a different layout. I like this idea as well, because it still gives me a nice overview of my entire year. What’s nice about the way this spread is done, is I can track multiple things on the same day (ex. A Stat Holiday may fall on the same day as when we are on vacation)

Third – Level 10 Life Goals

Level 10 Life.JPG

I also love this spread – because it’s colorful and so fun! Every time I re-do this spread, it really gives me time to focus on each area of my life, and evaluate where I want to improve. Once in my new Bullet Journal, I plan to come back to this quarterly and see what progress I’ve made.

 Fourth – Savings & Debt Tracker

Seeing my savings goals and debt repayment progress tracked visually like this, really motivates me to stay on track. This will be another spread that I re-do quarterly in the new BuJo, so I can see quarter-to-quarter what progress I’ve made, and celebrate the milestones.

Fifth – Monthly Layout

Monthly Sprea 1.JPG

Monthly Spread 2.JPG

I’ve tried a few different monthly layouts throughout the years. From the traditional Bullet Journal Layout, to a monthly layout inspired by Boho Berry, and even a traditional calendar layout. I personally like the look and the traditional monthly layout, but prefer the functionality of the Boho Berry inspired monthly layout. I find myself constantly switching it up between the two, and will likely continue this into the next BuJo as well.

Sixth – Health & Fitness Tracker

Health & Fitness.JPG

Another one that I refer to frequently. This really helps to hold me accountable, and motivates me to stay on track. I’m all about being able to track things, and then see at a glance the progress, patterns and room for improvements. This helps me see what days I tend to slack off, and makes me feel good when I see how many days in a week I’ve worked out.

Seventh – Monthly Habit Tracker

Monthly Habit Tracker.JPG

This is a tried and true layout in the Bullet Journal community. I’ve used this spread religiously each month, and find myself always changing/adding things to it as I grow and progress on my personal development journey.

Eighth – Weekly Spread

Weekly 2.JPG

Weekly 1.JPG

While I love the way that these look, and find them fun to draw out, I just didn’t find myself using it as much as I though I would. I might try this again in the new BuJo…but it doesn’t seem likely that I’ll keep it.

Ninth – Daily Pages

Dailies 1.JPG

This are truly the bread and butter of my Bullet Journal. Without these pages, I don’t know what I would do. Here I track everything: how I spend my time, water intake, workouts, to-do lists, inspirations, general thoughts, appointments, etc. I love that I can change the layouts day-to-day, and I think I’ll spend more time doodling on the dailies in my new BuJo – I think it helps add more character 🙂

Tenth – Time Tracker

Time Tracker.JPG

This is a spread I only just started using in July. I can’t remember where I first saw this tracker, but I think it’s an awesome idea! Because I own my own business on top of my full time job – this monthly time tracker helps me see if I’m spending my time effectively to help me reach my goals. For example, personal time is in pink, and business related things are in green and blue. So if I see a lot of pink on the tracker, I know I need to make and effort to spend more time on business related activities. If I see too much green & blue and feel my self wearing out, I know I need to find a better balance with finding personal time in my day. I also use the color orange for anything fitness related, so right now – I know I need to find ways to get more orange into my days as well. I’m big on color coding – if you couldn’t tell =P

Well – that’s about it for now. I’m in the process of setting up my new Bullet Journal for September – so I’ll be sure to share that with you in the next week or so. I’d love to know what trackers/spreads you use, and, if you have been Bullet Journaling for a while – what have you found works or doesn’t work for you?


– V

What I’m currently using:

Leuchtturm1917 A5 Notebook

Staedtler Fineliners

Faber Castell PITT Artist Brush Pens

PITT Faber Castell Arists Pens

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