A Day in the Life of my Bullet Journal

My husband asked me a good question the other day, “How do you effectively use your bullet journal?” He wanted to know how to get the most out of his. I thought about how I would go about writing a blog post about this, and kept getting stumped. This system is so uniquely different for everyone, I don’t know how I could possibly tell someone else how to effectively use their Bujo. Then we had the idea that I could write about “A Day in the Life” blog post. Showcasing how I utilize by Bujo on a daily basis, and maybe inspire others. So, here we go..

My bullet journal is used the most on weekdays. I do make time to review and reflect on my bullet journal on Sunday’s as well. But the bulk of my bullet journaling is done Monday-Friday.

8:00AM – At the Office

This is the time I first open my bullet journal. Once I’m at the office, I’ll open up and start setting up my day. I’ll carry over any priority items that didn’t get completed the day prior, I’ll sift through my emails and make note of any action items, and if I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll put a * next to each priority item that must be completed that day. I’ll generally try to keep this at 3 or fewer items.


10:00AM – Check In

At this point in the day, I check in on how I’m doing with the To-Do List. I’ll also go back and start filling in any habits I’ve completed for that day on my habit tracker. I also like to update my Hydrate bar to see if I’m on track for that. I’ll review what I’ve done so far, and what still needs to be completed.


2:00PM – Check In

Around this time, I’ll review my day again, look at the progress I’ve made and start making note of anything that might have to be carried forward to the next day. I’ll fill in the Hydrate bar again, and add in anything else that may have come up.


4:00PM – End of Day

This is generally my end of day check in. I don’t really use my bullet journal at home very often. At this point, I start setting up for the next day (time tracker, header, hydrate bar), and I’ll carry over any to-do items that I wasn’t able to complete during the current day. I’ll make note of any events that will be happening, and finish updating my habit tracker.


Sundays are a weekly review. I’ll review the previous week, and set up the new week. My husband and I also do our weekly partnership meetings on Sunday’s. We set aside an hour to do brunch or coffee together and review our week. What did we do well? What did we struggle with? What were our wins? What did we learn? We review our business progress together, and celebrate our weekly wins. We also use this time to discuss any personal or relationship items that may have come up throughout the week. This gives us a safe place to talk about things, without blowing up at each other throughout the week. We always make an effort to ask the other person how we could better serve them, and whether or not their love tank is full. 🙂 This keeps a strong, open line of communication between us, and fosters a loving, rock solid marriage ❤

That’s a wrap! That’s what my day in the life of my bullet journal looks like.

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  1. Thanks for this, it was helpful. I’m struggling to understand the future log. When do you add to the future log? What if you run out of room on the future log?
    Say today I’m having a meeting with coworkers and we are talking about what is happening in the next few months. Several dates/meetings/projects are mentioned with due dates. I’m taking notes of the meeting.
    1. Do you take notes in your bujo or elsewhere?
    2. Do you immediately write these dates/meetings/projects into your future log? If not immediately, then when. I’ve seen some place it in their current daily log, but I wonder how I’d feel about the current day tasks sitting next to future events.


    1. Hey Amber,

      Great question 🙂 I actually find I don’t use my future log anymore, and all of my future planning is done on the iCal app on my iPhone. However, when I was using future planning (such as a calendex) I would mark down future events I knew were coming up, such as holidays, business trips, anniversaries, etc. So yes, if I were wanting to remember dates for future projects/events/appointments, I would mark them down in the future log for the months they are happening. Of course, how you want to utilize your future log is entirely up to you 🙂

      I keep all of my notes in separate places. I have a scratch pad I use at work for notes. If I need to refer back to something important later on (such as a email, phone number, or invoice) I’ll transfer it from my scratch pad into my bullet journal. My Bujo functions more as a running to-do list and place to creatively plan. I also keep a separate journal for my personal growth journey, where I will write down notes from books, audios, podcasts, YouTube video’s, etc.

      Generally I will make note of any important dates in my iCal app on my iPhone as soon as they are planned/booked. Each month when I’m setting up my monthly spread, I refer to the calendar on my phone and mark down the important dates in my BuJo.

      Hope that helps 🙂 Happy planning!


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